Sentence Simplification


Given a long English sentence, your task is try to use words in the original one to construct shorter sentences in which the meaning of all shorter ones is the same as the meaning of the original long sentence.


An original long English sentence:
John lives in Seattle, works for Amazon, and is a fund raiser of a charity organization
will be rewritten into 3 shorter sentences

John lives in Seattle .
John works for Amazon .
John is a fund raiser of a charity organization .


+ Try to minimize the number of new words in shorter sentences. Always try to use words from the original sentence to construct a new shorter ones.
+ You can ignore some words from the original sentence. In the above example, you ignore the word "and".
+ The number of not used word should also be minimal, for instance instead of writing "He is a fund raiser" you should write as the 3rd sentence in the above example.